Peppermint Movie Review

Peppermint Movie Review: Peppermint is just another vapid vigilante thriller, says Rashid Irani

Peppermint Movie Review
Movie: Peppermint

Cast: Jennifer Garner, Juan Pablo Raba

Director: Pierre Morel

Close on the heels of The Equalizer 2 here’s another vapid vigilante thriller. Only this time, in what the makers clearly consider a clever twist, it’s a wronged woman who embarks on a murderous rampage.

When a corrupt judicial system acquits the people responsible for killing her husband and daughter, the grieving widow and mother (Jennifer Garner) goes off the radar. She reappears on the mean streets of Los Angeles years later, now well-toned and sporting massive amounts of military-grade firepower.

The faux female-empowerment theme is merely an excuse to unleash relentless carnage that is both graphic and exploitative. Depicting Latino hoods as the villains in control of the drug cartels, the film perfunctorily alludes to the challenges facing ethnic minorities in the US. To make matters worse, the woman uses her huge social media following to celebrate her bloodthirsty killing.
From its hackneyed time-lapse opening credits sequence to the preposterous twist towards the end, Peppermint is a depressing experience.

Peppermint Movie Trailer

First Published: Sep 27, 2018